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                      ABOUT ABORTION
                             Abortion FAQ
                             After Abortion
                             Pre-abortion checklist
                             Post abortion grief
                             Post abortion syndrome (PAS)
                             Get a second opinion about your elective abortion
                             Your options outlined:  Abort-Adopt-Parent

                      ABOUT ADOPTION
                             Your adoption options

                      ABOUT PARENTING
                             Positive parenting education & consultations

                      ABOUT PREGNANCY & MISCARRIAGE
                             Normal pregnancy vs Miscarriage symptoms
                             A Womb with a View ~ ultrasound pictures & services
                             Download a free due date chart
                             New extended evening hours for free pregnancy support services

                      ABOUT FERTILITY & STD's 
                             Fertility 101
                             Sexual Exposure Chart

                      ABOUT HOW TO MAKE A CHOICE 
                             How to make a choice about almost anything
                             If I am not pregnant....
                             Turning dreams into goals...

                      ABOUT COUNSELING
                             Affordable counseling options

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                             Teen Help
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                      FREE SERVICES ~ as listed throughout this site & on our HOME PAGE
                             Free pharmaceutical-grade pregnancy test + confidential counseling
                             Free confirmation note with pregnancy due date suitable to use
                                  for Medicaid or insurance;                   
                             Complimentary viability ultrasounds, upon qualification
                             Free pregnancy options counseling with professional educators /
                             Free referrals for medical care and community assistance programs
                             Free newborn layettes ~ given directly to parents a month before
                                  birth or up to three months afterwards
                             Free maternity clothing + free supplies and clothing for babies & children
                             Free parenting education and consultation
                             Free life issues counseling, post miscarriage and post abortion counseling               

                       HOW TO FIND OR CONTACT US
                              Map and location of A Center For Women
                              Phone numbers and e-mail contact information

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Women's News Headlines

Somerset's Midwives Can Now Offer Women A New Early Pregnancy Support Service, UK
Women in Somerset now have a new source of expert information and advice available to them as soon as they know they are pregnant. After missing a monthly period, and possibly testing with a home pregnancy kit, the first step for many women is to visit their GP.
L.A. Times, NYT Opinion Pieces Discuss International Women's Health Issues
The Los Angeles Times and the New York Times recently published opinion pieces examining issues related to international women's health. Summaries appear below.~ Michelle Goldberg,
Greater Likelihood Of Becoming An Adult Smoker If Mother Smoked During Pregnancy And Early Childhood
Children of mothers who smoked during pregnancy and their early childhood years may be predisposed to take up smoking as teens and young adults, compounding the physical damage they sustained from the smoke exposure. "It is well-known that maternal smoking influences a developing fetus in myriad ways, contributing to low birth weight, premature birth and a host of other health problems after birth," said Roni Grad, M.D.
Obesity In Pregnancy Increases Risk Of Asthma In Offspring
Babies born to obese mothers may have an increased risk of asthma, according to data from a new study to be presented on May 19 at the 105th International Conference of the American Thoracic Society in San Diego. "Obesity is not a neutral state; adipose tissue is an active producer of pro-inflammatory cytokines, while it also suppresses the action of anti-inflammatory cytokines," said Jet Smit, Ph.D.
Supreme Court Rules Pensions Need Not Include Maternity Leave Taken Prior To Pregnancy Discrimination Act
The Supreme Court on Monday in a 7-2 decision ruled that employers are not required to award women credit toward pension benefits for maternity leave taken before Congress passed the 1978 Pregnancy Discrimination Act, which states that pregnancy should be treated like other temporary disabilities, the

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