Get your pregnancy test and due date calculated for free.
Get a free confirmation of due date with a viability ultrasound.
Considering abortion?  Understand

Free Pregnancy Testing offered at A CENTER FOR WOMEN
315 N. Wymore Rd.   Winter Park, FL 32789       (407) 628-5433
Walk-in hours for free pregnancy testing:  9:30am--4:00pm, M-F

Many pregnancies end in natural miscarriage, many too early to cause much
discomfort, just a 'late period.'  But with today's over-the-counter tests,
these 'chemical pregnancies' can be diagnosed early and cause a lot of concern. 
Let us help you find out if yours is an actual viable pregnancy before
you move on to decision making about options and outcomes.
We want to help, and our services are free to our clients.
Our FREE services include:
  • FREE pregnancy tests
  • Confidential care for any age woman
  • Factual information on pregnancy and abortion,
    about fetal development and adoption

  • Prompt appointments with immediate results
  • Gentle follow up counseling, should you desire it
  • Referrals for all your pregnancy related concerns
  • Referrals for Medicaid or to other health providers
  • Referrals to helpful community resources
  • FREE referrals for complimentary viability ultrasounds if you qualify

    Want to come in today for a free pregnancy test?
    Our client hours are:  M-F  9:30am-4:00pm
  • Ask about a referral for a free sonogram.
     Call (407) 628-5433 to see if you quality for a referral for this service. 
PLEASE feel free to give us a call before you come in if you have
questions or concerns or need directions to our center.  Visit our
"Map and Location" page to generate a map from your location.

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